Disengaged employees are affecting your profits. 
Work Institute* forecasted the annual losses will climb to $680 billion by 2020.

Developing Thriving Humans
is your competitive edge to elevate
your organisation’s leadership, culture and performance. 

Developing a thriving culture
is your competitive edge to elevate
your organisation’s humans, leadership and performance. 

WHAT WE DO / Services / Products / Signature System / Main Program
Are you too close to the issue to see it? 
Have you tried every play in your play book and still not getting the results you crave?

We specialise in increasing profitability by:
- promoting the actualisation of happy, healthy, purpose driven humans
- developing inspiring leaders
- increasing employee retention and engagement
- improving team and individual performance
- achieving remarkable brand recognition through creating a healthy, highly desirable, sustainable company culture, which in turn, produces an outstanding client experience.

Our expertise:
Culture, leadership and performance

Using behavioural science, research and psychometric tools, upon collaborating with you, our team will collect data, analyse the data, validate their analysis and produce a made to measure game plan to deliver the improvements in the areas potentially outlined by you and confirmed by our research and analysis.

Our team will assist you, your executives, the leaders and individuals to successfully implement the recommendations and initiatives throughout your workplace(s).

Write or review your company and leadership team's communications.

Executive coaching
Happy, healthy, purpose driven humans produce better results, stay in their role longer and contribute more to making your brand remarkable.

Let's ensure your most precious human assets are at the top of their mindset game.
Learning & Development
Pre-built or custom made courses

Custom program development
Our expert content creators can develop specific learning and development content specifically for your company. Contact us to discuss your desired outcomes. 

Pre-built programs
We have developed a range of short courses to deliver the following outcomes:
1. Happy Healthy Purpose Driven Humans
2. Inspiring leaders
3. Increased retention and engagement
4. Increased performance
5. Remarkable brand through outstanding company culture 

We have a range of pre-built programs that can be delivered to you and your teams.

Our courses cover the following topics:
  •  Self leadership; the full impact of a purpose driven human
  •  Leading teams harmoniously to a common goal: Through change or everyday
  •  Psychology of company culture: Your 6 pillars for increased engagement, retention and success  
  •  4 drivers of sustainable high performance: Performance assessment and improvement 
  •  Consultative sales in 2019.'s not about knowing how to handle objections.
  •  Executive communication. a) Develop a strong personal brand or b) Write to inspire
  •  Package your intellectual property: a) Improve the performance of your team b) Capture and protect the company legacy (Protect your professional development investment)
Delivery methods
Our expert facilitators can offer a tailored learning experience for you and your teams.

Our trainings can be experienced as a combination of the below options:
  •  GROUP: in person or virtually, as hands on interactive workshops
  •  INDIVIDUAL with GROUP SUPPORT: online  self paced short courses with online support
  •  INDIVIDUAL: one on one, on site, and in action mentoring
Multi users licenses for our programs are available.
Our 2 founders travel the world to discuss a variety of organisational culture and performance topics.

With our forward thinking approach based on scientific research, observed evidence and decades of practical experience, we deliver research based, to the point, actionable and inspiring messages.

Our most requested presentations include:
  •  The 4 drivers of sustainable high performance
  •  The 3 levels of psychology at play in the workplace 
  •  5 signs your company has a toxic culture and how to start turning things around
  •  Why you must move away from an “I” environment and how to create your “we” culture 
  •  Fact or myth? Does employee happiness impact your bottom line?
  •  Do these 3 things daily and your staff will want to impress you
  •  The 7 daily actions of leaders who create workplaces that are great, meaningful and inclusive, where everybody matters.
  •  The word on everyone’s lips right now: bullying. What is psychological safety?

Our experts serve companies, leaders and teams in
Australia, New Zealand, Canada, USA, UK and Greece.

If you are outside the above mentioned countries, we encourage you
to reach out and book a videoconference meeting with us. 
Let's explore the solutions available together.
Our courses and resources
can be accessed online
from anywhere in the world
Turn your company culture
into your most valuable asset? 
...or see a live demo of a short course
or even talk with us?
Kosta Samaras
I have found Nathalie (Co-Founder of H4F) to be a very assertive, lateral thinking and performance driven manager. Her 'can do' attitude is something she brings to the table always and as a result we have found her to be of great value and always more than willing to be of assistance to our firm during our business dealings. I would have no hesitation in recommending her to others.
Tom Brown
Nathalie (Co-Founder of H4F) is a driven, energetic and inspiring leader with an outstanding ability to achieve short term goals whilst remaining focused on delivering on her long term strategic vision. Her results driven management style fosters loyalty and encourages out performance from her team, and as a client, her transparency and constructive partnership enables me to deliver the best possible mutually positive outcomes.
Nathalie is a pleasure to partner with and her vibrance, ambition and desire is both inspiring and infectious. 
Tonina Ciarrocchi
In my experience, Nathalie (Co-founder of H4F) was very highly regarded and respected by her staff. Her management style was of a consultative nature and very easy to work with. As Nathalie's peer, we worked well together and were able to share ideas and opinions easily and without judgement. This assisted us both in our people management role and were able to achieve the best outcomes for and from our teams.
I would not hesitate to recommend Nathalie both as a peer and as a people manager with our industry, will be an asset to any organisation.

We are a consulting, learning and development company focussing on developing happy, healthy, purpose driven humans (HHPDH).  We believe HHPDH are the foundation of tomorrow's kind, compassionate, inclusive,
innovative and high performing world.

HHPDH become the leaders who create
your incredibly unique, attractive culture and brand, 
positioning you front of mind as an employer of choice
and, as the "must have" option for your market.

Happy - Healthy - Purpose Driven Humans (HHPDH)
Clear - Inspired - Engaging - Inclusive Leadership
Safe - Creative - Valuing Contributors - High Performing - Sustainable Company Culture
Winning Shareholders, CEO, Employees. Triumphant Clients
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